Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Searching for a Title ...Help me name my painting, and win a free print.

Welcome to my little slice of cyber space real estate. I am excited to spend some time elucidating upon my artistic passions. As many of you are aware, I am an untrained artist. I have been told that this works to my avantage and disadvantage, so those of you who can discern my lack of academic prowess, I ask for mercy.
I have just finished my 5th painting entitled??????? The truth is I don't have a title, and that is where you come in. I would like to spend a moment to give you some insight about the image, and then open it up for discussion. For the person that comes up with the most appropriate title we will give a signed canvas print of the painting.


This painting is not a particular event. This painting is all about feeling and a personalization of the Savior's ministry .The image is portraying an extended family, who is privileged to be in the company of the Savior. The main expression of the painting is that we all have the privilege to be in the company of the Savior. Any of us that believe in Christ are entitled to his healing touch and his tender mercy. In the painting, particular attention is given to both the mother and child being administered to. The mothers face, washed of color, is to give the viewer a sense that the child's sickness is also the mothers. She having suffered the sleepless hours with the child, and having her heart strain with every groan became a second victim to the illness. The mothers faith is manifested by a simple touch to the Savior's hand indicating that she too needed intercession, but would not burden the Lord in further supplication. The father, with a glistening eye, looks to the Savior, as a broken man. In desperation he clings to his wife's pure faith in last resort optimism. In this blind hope the power of the master is revealed unto him.
I will not attempt to give a narrative to all of the figures, as to leave something to the imagination. So feel free to submit a title for the painting. Each one will be carefully looked at and documented, whether submitted through the web site or here on the blog.


jessiconley said...

There is always hope with faith, and we always hope in faith. Therefore the name I would choose for this piece would be "Hope In Faith".

JAllee said...

"Come and See"
Early in His ministry, two disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Master, … where dwellest thou?” Jesus’ brief yet profound reply, “Come and see,” (John 1:38–39).

(sorry, couldnt decide, so also wanted to include....)

"Balm of Gilead"

In ancient times there came from Gilead, an ointment made from the gum of a tree. It was a major commodity in trade. The Ishmaelite traders who purchased Joseph from his brothers were carrying this balm of Gilead to Egypt (Gen. 37:25) It became a symbol for the power to soothe and to heal.

Beautiful painting Ben! Can't wait to see it in person.

Nathan said...

There were a few that came to mind as I was brainstorming. Sorry for putting more than one.
My ideas were:

"His People"
-I thought of this title principally referring to those nearby who would be considered Christ's people. How beautiful that it is a family.

"My Work and My Glory" - Moses 1:39
-draw focus in the picture to not only each and every precious individual as being part of God's work and glory, but specifically the family unit as central to that work and glory for mankind.

"If Only To Be Near Him"
-They huddle close to Him, knowing what the mere proximity to the Savior of all mankind would do for their family. (I think I like this one the most)

"Draw Near Unto Me..." - D&C 88:63
-The continuation of the scripture is "...and I will draw near unto you;" Once again the closeness of all subjects in the painting, Savior and family alike, speak volumes to the viewer. If as families we draw near unto Him, surely He will draw near unto us.(This would be my second favorite.)

It's a beautiful painting. It's hard to get a fitting title. I hope these help. -Nathan

Adam said...

Hope I can make it on Dec 7th. After looking at it for 15 minutes here are my suggestions: "Come Unto Me", "Come Unto Him", "To Succor His People", "The Master's Touch", "The Master's Hands", "Soothing Touch", "Gentle Power", "Supplication", "Only He", "From Darkness to Light", "Light of the World", "Hope of Israel", "Mercy", "Filled with Mercy". I am looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Emily said...

One name didn't just pop out to me - but mercy and hands have stuck in my head. Here are a few options!
"Tender Mercies"
"Hands of Mercy"
"Merciful Touch"
"More Holiness Give Me"
"Where Can I Turn For Peace?"

Good Luck with finding a title - it's a beautiful painting

Erin said...

Recent events in my life have caused me to reflect on what it means to be healed. I love this painting and it's story becasue all are in need of healing in one way or another. I have learned that to truly feel the Savior's healing power I need to strive to understand the Savior's capacity for healing through the power of the Atonement. I don't know if that makes sense to anyone but me but, but a phrase I have always been partial to might fit this beautiful depiction of the Savior's love. In our efforts to follow the example of Christ I hope we can all strive "to learn the Healer's art"

Chuk said...

"Reverential Contingency"

Nice job broski....It looks great.

I have held my own sick children in hand and know the feeling of a humble reliance on the powers of heaven. Whether it is the child relying on its parents, the parents relying on the Savior, Or the Savior relying on The Father....the painting aptly portrays our need to a more intimate upward connection.

Call me when you can do lunch.

Daniel said...

I like simple, yet profound: "He Healed the Sick"

Rachael said...

My vote is "Heal Our Pain". Each person has their own type of pain whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual. The painting depicts all aspects of pain and it is something we have all asked of the Savior.

craftynaty said...

I am not a scripturian. It would be in vain if I tried to write something in comparison to the eloquent doctrinal advice you have already received. I am not a scholar either, so I cannot try and dictate religious meaning or reason out of your painting. I am only a mother; one whom can purely relate through emotion and experience to the image you have depicted. I only hope one day I might bring my son to the Savior, just as you have portrayed this mother to do. I hope I will be worthy enough to ask for my sons healing. And as I think of a way to describe the way I would feel, or what I would do or say, only one undeniable emotion comes to mind: Anavah. It is the Hebrew word for meekness and humility.

Lance Allee said...

I see the light and dark interplay and those who look to the Savior have different light around them. The character in the left is not looking and he is darkest.

Titles I think of:

"Look to God and live" in Alma 37:47
"As many as should look upon the Son of God... might live" from Helaman 8:15 (And as many as should look upon that serpent should live, even so as many as should look upon the Son of Good with faith, having a contrite spirit, might live, even unto that life which is eternal.) Great sentiments, hard to get a short title.
"The Labor they had to perform was to Look" from 1 Nephi 17:41. (middle of the verse....after they were bitten he prepared a way that they might be healed; and the labor which they had to perform was to look; and because of the simpleness of the way, or the easiness of it, there were many who perished.

We must and can all look and be healed temporally and spiritually and live temporally and eternally.

And the mom whose anguish is greatest, is looking towards the Savior more deeply by reaching for him and not just visually making contact.

Great picture Ben

Lance Allee said...

After further thought.. I was reminded of Alma 28:14, end of the verse for a title
"The Light of Christ Unto Life"

This carries on the themes I mentioned in my previous comment of the lighting and healing. This picture makes me think of Christ being the light and life of the world, and all those themes etc.

I won't write again

I do like the one above by nathan of If Only To Be Near Him


Leah Finch said...

I love “Anavah,” and feel like I'm in her same position. Only simple words and phrases come to mind… primarily meekness and humility. You have captured the pure beauty of the humility you feel, when the realization that you alone cannot nurture, protect, or save the divine precious stewardship placed in your hands. A submissive surrender is required… succumbing to Him.

sarah marie said...

hi ben! i can't believe i came across your blog..small world. you may have a title now because i don't know how old this post is but my idea is "keep thou my feet". from the hymn lead kindly light. it seems like the family in the painting can't do anymore on their own and needs christ to carry them through the trials. i read a talk once that had this title and it has always stayed with me. i think of it when things seem impossible. good luck..your paintings are INCREDIBLE! so happy for you and your cute little family.

Brian & Michelle said...

Wow! Great painting!

Well I'm not a scriptorian, or scholar, but these have all been great ideas. I'm just curious why all the scripture reference, because as you said this is a fictitious event?

When I saw this painting and read your insight stating that it is an entire family coming to The Lord to seek healing, comfort, peace of mind...I simply thought of "Comforted Family". I feel these two words describe the painting beautifully. Our religion focuses so much on the family unit, and how important it is for families to stay together. The Savior is a part of our family, and should be included in all things we do. What a great portrayal of this in your painting. I could also see the painting being called "Healed Family". By using the past tense in comforted or healed, you give the viewer a sense of hope that the child and his family have already been blessed and taken care of by our elder brother Jesus.

That's my thoughts! You're an amazing and talented painter. And you still seem like the fun, crazy Ben that I remember when we all hung out with the Nygren boys.

Good luck!

Brian Sherman

Katie Kempton said...

Hey again Ben. There have been a lot of great ideas so far! I hope you find what you're looking for!
Here are my two cents if you would like to know...
The pre-requisite for healing is to have faith. In any case, if we are to come unto Christ and be healed for whatever ailment, we must have faith. But interestingly, in this case, a child is being healed. When Christ said, "Whoseover therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven" (Matt 18:4)... So children already have the humility and faith necessary to inherit the kingdom of Heaven. This young girl probably never had to wonder if the Savior would or could heal her. The parents, however, probably had more of a struggle to bring her to Him and really believe He would heal her. I think the real healing in this painting is happening with the parents. So after all that... I think
"According To Your Faith..."
(Matt 9:29)
"Healing All Manner of Sickness"
(Matt 4:23)

Good Luck! These paintings are INCREDIBLE. Love, Katie

Grammadebs said...

Because of you sharing your talents you have touched so many people's lives...mine included! I love your work! You have such a gift.
I have been thinking lately of the "Blessings of Eternity" that we can receive because of our Savior's very life and our belief upon this eternal perspective that we have . Especially at this time of year, we contemplate the many many blessings we receive at His hands.
Thank you once again for pursuing your talent and also for sharing with the world.
Debi Parry

mimsy said...

Hi Ben,
When I saw your mural in the Ensign cover, I was in awe of how a self-trained talent as yourself could capture Christ with such modern realism-- so it can be so easily communicated to an audience. The twist to this is that you deliver your paintings with a classic quality-- that I hope to continually see for years to come.
As for an appropos title, "Divinity" came to mind. In this painting, Christ clearly is the anchor. Much of the weight or emphasis lies withing the fact that he has met mortality again and has compassionately embraced it. He knows the plan because He is the Plan. He wants all to know it too, by way of being kind and forgiving. How powerful yet subtle... how divine.
Ergo, "Divinity."
- Maria, wife of Chris Gooch and art afficionado!

Sterling said...

Ben you Rock!!!

What comes to mind for me is "Messiah" or Isaiah words "the prince of peace"

I love your work

Sterling Mann

andersenj said...

As I viewed your new painting, the first title that came to mind was Christ’s statement, “Blessed are the meek” from the Sermon on the Mount (Matt 5:5). For me the painting is not just about Christ healing the sick, but about how we humbly implore the Lord to heal all our struggles, whether they result from sickness, depression, sorrow, or sin. The humility of those surrounding Christ in the painting is evoked through the course texture of their clothing and the curtain above them, and in the careworn expressions in their faces.

The painting evokes another scriptural passage: “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matt. 11:28). The imploring looks in the faces of the men and children manifest their faith that Christ will give them the comfort they seek. Naturally, this verse is too long for a title, but I like “All Ye that are Heavy Laden” or “And I Will Give You Rest”.

I like the Caravaggio-like lighting in the painting and the amazing use of texture. The dark values capture the pain and despair which drive us to seek solace in Christ, and contrast sharply with the light which emanates from Christ and is reflected in the hands and faces of those who seek Him. However, I’m not sure what to think of the halo, and would be interested to hear your reasons for including it.

c_gooch3 said...

Ben, wow, I can just see Miss Dougherty beaming with pride!!! ahahahaha

alright, lets play the name game.
title: "Please..."

No real deep meaning behind it. I guess if I had to explain why I would say because it is what we all ask, and what the Savior asks us. But, honestly, simply because that is what I felt thinking of being that parent or person in need of healing.


Taylor said...

Benny J.
Before viewing your painting I read your comments about the piece. It changed what I saw, and I was happy, and intrigued to be able to view art this way. I wish I could do it more often. Looking at your painting and reflecting on your words I thought "my Brother". Not as a cry for help, or a trumpet to the crowds, but as a confident, comforting anchor to life. Thanks for giving me this opportunity.

Taylor Prince

Wendy said...

HEy Ben,

I love the painting!! I really like your explanation also, I liked a few of the names mentioned so far, like "Heal our Pain" and "Tender Mercies" I also thought "Believe in Christ" would be good too, Good luck picking a name.

Todd said...

Ben, this is actually uncle jim
plagiarize - use (words or ideas) of another as if your own.
Being particularly interested in capturing an art works psychological moment of highest drama in relation to poise and equilibrium, I would choose the title "By the Power of Faith"
Uncle Jim
p.s how are you doing this?

Stan Hanks said...

Faith of Our Fathers

bebop said...

"Everlasting Faith"
Regaurdless of where we stand in our religous belief if you have everlasting faith the lord will heal all wounds.

Ben you do beautiful work.

maxine b said...

"How Great Thou Art"

This picture reminds me of one of my favorite songs. Which reminds me of how great our Savior is.

Riley & Savannah said...

"Our Healers Love"

I have had many reasons to call on our Father in Heaven in the last few years. I love this picture and think you do AMAZING work. I like the title: "Our Healers Love". Rather it be illness, emotional, or mental, he is always there for us. My husband and I are in the process of trying to adopt a precious little baby like the one in this picture. We have relied on our Heavenly Father through all the emotional times deciding what is right, and we know we will be relying on him to help us through the trials we face ahead. No matter what; he is always there for us!

Renée Anne Bouffard-McManus said...

This is an amazing painting! You are so talented!

churchy said...

"Healing Hands and Hearts". At first glance, this painting portrays the miraculous healing of a child by the hands of the Master Healer. Take a closer look... Is the focus on the child? Could the focus of the painting be the healing of the Mother's heart? or the Father's heart? Or My heart? Or Your heart? Incredible, Ben! Yet another beautiful piece to bless the lives of everyone! Thanks!
jeff churchill

Riley & Savannah said...
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Riley & Savannah said...

Sorry we didn't leave our full names before:
Savannah Thorpe

bebop = Robert Bona
Maxine B = Maxine Bona

Sanette said...

WOW! I have just read your description of your latest painting, and I being a mother myself could not help but cry. I have recently had sick children and could empathize with the mother in your painting. What a feeling this has left in me. Thank you for your beautiful work!!
I am Sanette,Brian Brems' wife.