Monday, December 24, 2007

WINNER !!!!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Jeff Anderson for selecting the winning title "Blessed Are The Meek" I have a framed canvas giclee waiting for you. This title was particularly moving to me, it embodies the spirit I felt as I painted it. Thanks so much Jeff for your participation, I will contact you shortly.

I want to express my grattitude for the amazing titles that were entered both by email and on the blog. I am giving a paper print to every person who participated, so please leave your info with me at

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Great titles!!!!!! here are the entries so far

Please leave your full name on your posts so we can identify a winner, if you have already submitted please let us know which
entry is yours with your full name.

"Healing Hands and Hearts"
Qui Paraclitus diceris "O Comforter, to thee we cry"
Curatio Ex Deus
"The Kingdom of God"
"Behold Your Little Ones"
"Faith I Have, in Thee"
"How Great Thou Art"
"Our Healers Love"
"Everlasting Faith"
"Calling down the Powers of heaven"
"Be healed"
"Recieve the Powers of Heaven"
"Embrace the Powers of heaven"
"Have mercy upon me, O God"
"Withhold not thou thy tender mercies"
"By the Power of Faith"
"Faith of Our Fathers"
"Father, Guide Me"
"Thy Will Be Done"
"Behold Your Little Ones"
"himself took our infirmities"
"Be Healed"
"My Brother"
"He did heal them one by one"
“All Ye that are Heavy Laden”
"As a child"
"The Gift of Life"
"Blessed are the meek"
“All Ye that are Heavy Laden”
“And I Will Give You Rest”
"Divine Supplication"
"Silent Prayer"
"Oh Father"
"Father give me strength"
"Please forgive"
"Why do they not understand"
"I will, be still"
"Know that I am God"
"Whom Seek Ye"
"Hope In Faith".
“Master, … where dwellest thou?”
“Come and see,”
"Balm of Gilead"
"His People"
"My Work and My Glory"
"If Only To Be Near Him"
"Draw Near Unto Me..."
"Come Unto Me"
"Come Unto Him"
"To Succor His People"
The Master's Touch"
The Master's Hands"
"Domine, adiuva incredulitatem meam"
"Soothing Touch"
"Gentle Power"
"Only He"
"From Darkness to Light"
"Light of the World"
"Hope of Israel"
"Filled with Mercy"
"Tender Mercies"
"Hands of Mercy"
"Merciful Touch"
"More Holiness Give Me"
"Where Can I Turn For Peace?"
"to learn the Healer's art"
"Reverential Contingency"
"He Healed the Sick"
"Heal Our Pain"
Anavah (hebrew word for meekness)
"Look to God and live"
"The Light of Christ Unto Life"
"keep thou my feet"
"Comforted Family"
"Healed Family"
"According To Your Faith..."
"succumbing to Him."
"Healing All Manner of Sickness"
"Of Such is the Kingdom"

These titles are all so great, this is going to be tough to decide. For those of you that are wondering what's going on, I have asked for help naming my newest painting. Below I have described the event that is being portrayed. If you have any ideas please add your entry by posting a comment, or if you like an existing tiltle please let me know. The winner will receive a signed canvas print, we will announce the winner here, Christmas eve.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Searching for a Title ...Help me name my painting, and win a free print.

Welcome to my little slice of cyber space real estate. I am excited to spend some time elucidating upon my artistic passions. As many of you are aware, I am an untrained artist. I have been told that this works to my avantage and disadvantage, so those of you who can discern my lack of academic prowess, I ask for mercy.
I have just finished my 5th painting entitled??????? The truth is I don't have a title, and that is where you come in. I would like to spend a moment to give you some insight about the image, and then open it up for discussion. For the person that comes up with the most appropriate title we will give a signed canvas print of the painting.


This painting is not a particular event. This painting is all about feeling and a personalization of the Savior's ministry .The image is portraying an extended family, who is privileged to be in the company of the Savior. The main expression of the painting is that we all have the privilege to be in the company of the Savior. Any of us that believe in Christ are entitled to his healing touch and his tender mercy. In the painting, particular attention is given to both the mother and child being administered to. The mothers face, washed of color, is to give the viewer a sense that the child's sickness is also the mothers. She having suffered the sleepless hours with the child, and having her heart strain with every groan became a second victim to the illness. The mothers faith is manifested by a simple touch to the Savior's hand indicating that she too needed intercession, but would not burden the Lord in further supplication. The father, with a glistening eye, looks to the Savior, as a broken man. In desperation he clings to his wife's pure faith in last resort optimism. In this blind hope the power of the master is revealed unto him.
I will not attempt to give a narrative to all of the figures, as to leave something to the imagination. So feel free to submit a title for the painting. Each one will be carefully looked at and documented, whether submitted through the web site or here on the blog.